Green Screen Software Reviews

Video editing software with green screen capability can provide you with professional-greenscreenlooking Chroma Key effect for many different needs and purposes. It can help you and your friends appear in exotic places on their photos or offer a new service for your customers as a photographer.

Whatever the reason, you need software that professionally replaces the green screen background with a background of your choosing, for a seamless new look. This article features some of the most well-known and quality software names used in photo and video industry, by professionals and serious hobbyists alike.

Green Screen Wizard

This software is a very straightforward tool to be used for removing of the green screen from the shot and applying a new background. As promised in the name, there’s a simple wizard that guides you through the entire process from start to finish in just a few of clicks.

The ease of uses comes with a couple of limitations, such as only supporting green screen backgrounds and no support for extra options like exposure and clipping in the free version. That’s also what makes a popular software for introducing beginners to the basics of Chroma Key effect. If all you want is to get the work done quickly, then Green Screen Wizard will be perfect for your needs.

Chroma Genie

This video editing tool is not your usual green screen software for beginners. Chroma Genie happens to be a top choice for many industry professionals, especially those who require its tethering option that lets them apply Chroma Key straight from their camera, with no extra hardware.

It is also featured as a plugin for Photoshop, letting you access advanced green screen editing options right from your favorite photo editing software. Multi color support and batch editing are all included, same as special effects like frames, masks and covers. Chroma Genie can also generate multiple versions of the same photo to be compared side by side, which is convenient to make a decision while you’re in the middle of a shoot.

FXhome PhotoKey 5

Apart from removing green screen in your photos and replacing it with your own background, FXhome PhotoKey 5 can also enhance them with various picture frames, logos, text, overlays and other effects. Users are able to apply color filters for a different look with ease, using the intuitive interface of this software.

It exports JPEG, PNG and TIFF files that can easily be uploaded to your favorite photo sharing or social media sites for maximum convenience. It may not be the most advanced green screen software available on the market, but it can produce quality greeting cards and other fun projects for you, your friend and your family.

All three photo and video editing tools featured in this article are worthy of your consideration to be used in your project. Depending on your situation, one of them will work better than the other. Consider your unique needs and you won’t go wrong with your choice of green screen software.


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